Privacy Policy and TOS

Our belief is there is no need to store anything, technology requires us to store things, however temporarily.

Simply Put Policy: We respect your privacy. We collect your email for you to recover your account. If you use one of our free services, we will store your email for the reset time period and then remove it, we reserve the right to contact you before removing your account. We do not collect any other personal information or store any user's internet data (aka activity). If you purchase one of our subscriptions, depending on the financial processor, they may require us to store the financial transaction for a minimal amount of time. Otherwise, we will store the transaction id and timestamp to protect all parties involved. We do not log, store, or document any other information. With the rare case of abuse. In this case, our servers will output the offending email associated, and we reserve the right to terminate services without warning. Our network does not operate servers under governments that require logging.

By accepting access and/or using our systems and network, you (the user) are responsible any negative actions or damages caused by your access or use our free VPN service. Do NOT use this VPN to violate government laws, even though we have no data for any entity to access.

You are permitted to use our free and paid services for personal, educational or commercial use. Religious use is considered personal.

Tab Tight LLC

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